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Auckland Dog Photographer

Clint Schubert 

Project Pooch and Pet Portrait Sessions.

Project Pooch is my pet project photographing dogs catching treats using high speed camera and flash settings to create some hilarious and captivating images. . If you would like to be involved and you think your dog is up to the challenge contact Clint below with some information about your dog. 

Private home studio is located in Clevedon

Be Involved for only $40

Project Pooch Options

Because of demand a deposit may be asked for. 

  • New Option $40. Be involved and we will  pop some photos on Facebook. 
  • $75 session with 3 High Res Digital Images
  • $150 session with 8 High Res Digital images 
  • Extra images can be purchased separately from any session in digital high res or print
  • Extra dog add $20 1 extra digital image included

Here are some tips before coming to your session

  • Have your dog toileted before coming
  • Practice having your dog catching treats. Even if they just attempt to catch is enough.
  • Throw treats low towards your dog sitting or standing as I need the dog to be looking at the camera if possible.
  • Bring your dog on a lead
  • Hold off feeding your dog before coming
  • Bring your dogs favourite treats. Dry works best

 Because we are working with animals there is no guarantee we will get what we want, but I can say that even with some difficult dogs all previous sessions have been a success.

If your dog can't catch treats I can also do a portrait session as well.


Session Prices for one dog

You can secure a session with buy now above and we will sort a date and time later. Please make sure to contact us with details after or leave details in the cart.

All sessions prepaid must be completed within 3 weeks of paying. 

I can arrange for bank transfer as well.

Contact Clint at or use contact form below

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