Polo 2018-2019 images

 2018-2019 season and archived images. 

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2015 BMW POLO OPEN FINALS Archive Here

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Hololio Kids Game Sat 16th
WFF vs
Kihikihi vs
Tiger Academy Grey vs
Hololio vs Kihikihi
Grooms Hololio Sat 16th
Tiger Polo vs Semco Open Finals 23rd Feb 2019
Lone Bee vs Peroni Open Finals 23rd Feb 2019
Lone Bee vs Semco PDL
Tiger Polo vs Peroni Thurs 21st
Semco vs Tiger Polo Academy Wed 20th McNicol
Tiger Polo Academy Team Wed 20th McNicol
All Grooms Photos 2019 Gallery updated regularly
RnG vs Ashmole vs Academy Semco vs Selborn McNicol 18th Feb
Tiger Polo Academy Mon 18th McNicol
Tiger Building vs Lonebee Sat
Polo Academy Alice Dunmore
Cotswold vs lOTV 0 goal Sunday
Sports Photography Auckland Polo Open
Polo Ryburn Sun 06012019 Archived
Grooms & wash down McNicol Sat Archived 05/01/19
Grooms 14-01 Hololio
Fisher Field Grooms 01-03
Taupiri Thursday 16th
Tiger Building Thurs 16th
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