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Mares in the Mist Fine Art Print
Player Prints
Brinks White vs Hololio Lads Brinks Tournament
Hololio Bunnies vs Spectota Brinks Tournament
Amberwood vs Fullerton Ag
Semco vs RnG vs 4Cyte
Cerberus vs Hololio Bunnies
Brinks vs Spectota
Barfoots vs Copper Top
B Media vs Worker Con
4CYTE vs Lockerbie
Barfoots vs Copper Top
Brinks A Spectota
Black Sheperd vs Ainsley Saddlery
Ladies T Bad Bunnies vs 4CYTE
Ladies T Tiger Polo vs Rose and Thorne
Bombay vs Auckland H
Auckland C vs Auckland D
Cambridge vs Bombay Auckland H and J
Auckland E vs Auckland F
Birchleigh vs Hololio
Auckland E vs Hololio C
Hololio D vs Hawks Bay B
Birchleigh vs Auckland F Savile Wed
Round Robin Poverty Bay Copper Top B Media
Manuka D vs Wades
4CYTE vs Morrinsville
A few photos from early afternoon on Hilvershim
Hololio Sun 13th Feb Chukkas
Polo Photos Fisher 12th Feb
Polo Fisher field Wed 9th Feb
Club game Hololio Sunday 6th Feb in the rain
Club Games Hololio Sat 5th Feb 22
Chukkers and grooms Hololio 2nd Feb
Play and grooms Charity weekend
Tiger vs Brinks Blue Edited Set
Horse Safe vs Twilight Farms
Selbourn vs Semco Ardmore Tournament
Fine Art Equine Prints
Muchachos vs Ashmole
Brinks Orange vs Semco
Polo Hololio vs Bennet Fert
Polo Brinks White vs Kiwi H
Polo Horse Safe vs B Media
POLO Ashmole vs Kiwi Hire
POLO Muchachos vs Brinks white
POLO Hololio vs Brinks Orange
POLO B Media vs Semco
POLO Horse Safe vs Bennet Fert
Polo Chukkers Hololio Sat 4th Dec 21
Mares in the Mist
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Your Pro Photos Booked Coverage

If you want to guarantee coverage of your game you can book me.

Coverage includes a set of full res individually processed images. I will target shoot you or the whole team for $45 per chukker minimum 4 chukkers.

 Pricing excludes NZ Polo Open Coverage

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Private stick and ball sessions also available

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I treat it as a privilege to photograph you guys at the polo. 

I watermark all my images displayed here to protect your photos from being used illegally across the internet I don't do it to annoy you but it annoys me having to do it.

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