Grooms of Polo

Grooms of Polo

A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care.

Polo Video Coverage has arrived HERE 

Grooms of Polo

Polo Video Coverage has arrived HERE 

Grass roots local polo video coverage for everyone.  Pre recorded highlights from your games not just the big tournaments. 

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The Polo Forum is the place to share your love of Polo and Equine Sports. Whether you play, coach, groom, breed, or just enjoy "The  Game" get involved with like minded members and share your passion and questions here - get started by hitting the Create New Post button and get involved.

Grooms and Sideline Brinks Tournament
Grooms Sideline Sat and Sunday 19- 20th March
Ladies T Sideline and a few early game shots
Grooms and Sideline Friday Morning Ryburn
Grooms Savile Wed Thurs
Grooms and Sideline Fri 18th Feb
Grooms Tuesday
Grooms Sideline Fisher Sat 12th Feb
Grooms and sideline Fisher 9th Feb
Grooms Hololio Sat 5th Feb 22
Chukkers and grooms Hololio 2nd Feb
Play and grooms Charity weekend
Grooms & sideline Ardmore Sunday
Sideline shots Ardmore Tournament
grooms Hololio Sunday 30th Dec
Grooms Hololio Wed 29th Dec
Fine Art Equine Prints
Grooms and Sideline Hololio 12th Dec
Grooms and Sideline Hololio Opening 11 Dec 21
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About Watermarks

 It is as a privilege to photograph you guys at the polo. 

I watermark all of my work because it helps protect your photos from being used randomly across the internet.

All professional photographers do it as it also helps create a fair market for others in the industry.

Even if I was getting paid to dump all your photos on Facebook like some others, I still wouldn’t do it because it makes it very hard for others photographers trying to earn a living from it and the last few years with Covid have been hard enough on all of us.

So if you have read this I thank you for your ongoing support

Regards Clint.

Because of the amaizing support I get from the grooms all images are available at a reduced rate here. From $6 and full res only $8 for the rest of the season.

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